Working Groups

Working Groups

TOCIKAD working groups will provide the working ground for our members to work in cooperation, solidarity, and active participation both for the development and institutionalization of the association and for academic activities to be conducted in thematic areas.

1. Practical areas:

  • Standardization and accreditation of gender equality trainings

o          Developing materials for different fields and groups
o          Studies related to accreditation and standardization (such as public, UN, NGO, EU)

  • Academic studies

o         Thematic workshops
o         Academic meetings (such as congresses and workshops)
o         Interviews about master’s and doctoral studies
that audiobook
o         Conceptual lecture videos and Dictionary studies

  • Social media

o          Facebook instagram, o WEB management, facebook, instagram shares
o          Establishment of communication and solidarity networks and channels

  • E-Magazine

2. Thematic areas

Thematic areas will be determined after the studies to be conducted with our members. The following are a few examples of these areas.

  • Feminist theory
  • Feminist methodology and epistemology
  • Feminist pedagogy
  • The history of feminist labor
  • Feminist legal studies
  • Feminist ecology, environment and climate studies
  • Visual gender studies
  • Masculinity Studies
  • Queer Studies